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Rafay Rashidi Best Short Film. Must Watch

Rafay Rashidi is good to go to begin shooting for his next string of effective short movies. The first in line is Shahvaar. The blurb has been uncovered and it gives over an intense message.

A lady bound and breaking free of shackles, with a pen… the notice for Shahvaar talks a thousand words in itself… ladies strengthening, sex predisposition, freedom, flexibility and all components softening generalizations up a male prevailing society like our own.

“Shahvaar is a short film highlighting social taboos. It’s a ladies driven film. A film about ladies strengthening. It’s about our own particular ladies, bound and shackled by the general public not able to perform to their actual potential. Shahvaar highlights the capability of ladies. It indicates us genuine situations of how ladies, when freed, can perform twice as much as men and win a respectable position for themselves in spite of the sex inclination they go up against on each progression they take,” Rafay uncovered.

He additionally included, “Our focal subject, Shahvaar, is a refined, entrenched and all around settled lady. She has accomplished each and everything all alone however there has been penances she have needed to make and costs she needed to pay. Shahvaar highlights how this lady has risen up out of the profundities of her weakness and her situation to wind up what she is today.”

Rafay Rashidi likewise revealed that he had gone over ladies throughout his life, who, when given the shot, performed to their actual potential and dazed everybody around. He cites Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and his mom Mahtab Akbar Rashidi, to be his actual motivations of how capable ladies can be and the amount they can accomplish, challenging all chances, in the event that they set their brain to it.

He trusts film is an intense medium to give messages and such messages remain with the gathering of people. Rafay has used this stage to convey messages that we rather not talk about. His prior business motion picture likewise highlighted ladies strengthening and issues of medication manhandle and now this short film will concentrate on breathing life into a social subject.

The substance of Shahvaar, will be uncovered in the most recent week of February 2017, while the film will go into after generation mid-March. “I have passed on the course mantle to Umair Najeeb Khan for Shahvaar-a man really meriting to lead an effective film of this sorts,”

Rafay told

The film will be displayed at film celebrations the nation over alongside International Film Festivals. Appears like we may have another effective short film to keep running up for Oscar Nominations one year from now…

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