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Musaarat Toturing Haya And Faris.Must Read For Description.

Faris is each young lady’s blessing from heaven. When he proposes Haya and discloses to her she can proceed with her reviews even after their wedding and that their expert contrasts could never bring about an issue in their relationship, Haya is thrilled.

ARY Digital’s ‘Rasmy-e-Dunya’ starts With a Bang


Her folks are anticipating that Bhabhijan should come over and request Haya’s submit marriage to Faris yet everybody is smashed when Musarat Bhabhi approaches Haya for Harib. Haya is crushed as is her mom yet her dad knows the explanation for her Tayi’s thought processes and solaces her colloquialism he will resolve the matter.

Things are getting to be clearer with every scene and it appears Musarat Bhabhi is another case of an abandoned lady and how underhanded they can get to be. She is avenging herself utilizing Haya… when Haya’s dad canceled his engagement with Musarat Bhabhi and left her grief stricken to be offered to his sibling Shams… Tayi jan is rehashing history, utilizing Haya and her own particular child Faris this time… she intensely promises she will never at any point let Haya wed Faris simply like she couldn’t get her heart’s yearning.

Faris stands up to his mom yet she effortlessly puts him down requesting that he measure things from her point of view. She sincerely plays him disclosing to him she never knew Faris had eyes for Haya and in what manner will Harib (Faris’ progression sibling) consider himself being distant from everyone else when their mother separated between her children. She makes Faris swear off the Quran. Appears like Samina Peerzada is playing an extremely computed detestable lady and we unquestionably value her for pulling off the part so easily. Caps off to this lady, she can make us adore or detest her with each character she does. Bilal Abbas, then again, is good looking as well as a powerhouse of ability. He knows how to act out a grief stricken darling… a cutting edge Devdas. Bilal Abbas as Faris is cute even with a broken heart.

Sami Khan, as Harib, then again, is infatuated with Haya… however his adoration appears like all the more a possessive beau.. he’s timid yet his adoration for Haya has expended him completely. He tunes in to Haya’s voice recording again and again while envisioning her. Sami Khan appears at the highest point of his diversion as Harib-extreme, possessive and particularly held.

In the mean time, Faris is attempting to overlook Haya, regarding his mom’s desires and it has smashed Haya significantly more. Armeena Rana Khan looks dazzling as a maid in trouble, only that she is presently enthused about making a stride for herself.

It is very apparent that Musarat Bhabhi is determining sweet joy subsequent to tormenting Haya and Faris. She has promised to deliver her retribution from Tabrez by harming Haya and is not feeling even an ounce of blame…

We’re restlessly sitting tight for the following Thursday… Rasm e Duniya has spellbound us with no questions!

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