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Once Again Nigar Award’s in Trouble! Must Watch For Further Details.

As we expressed before, Nigar Awards have been standing out as truly newsworthy all over Pakistan however not for all the correct reasons. What’s more, now it appears like, the prestigious honors have connected another contention with their name. The coordinators of Nigar Awards have been sued by a Karachi-construct businessperson Osama Qazi in light of the guise of infringement of agreement and selling out.

Usama Qazi of Lush Productions filed a petition in Sindh High Court against Aslam Rashidi s/o relaying the organisers for the Nigar Weekly and Nigar Awards had violated the contract stating the two parties to work together for all future endeavours for 10 years.

According to Usama Qazi Aslam Rashidi has signed up with a third party and has stopped working with Lush Productions.

As per the agreement Nigar Film Awards exclusive and non-transferable rights were transferred to Nigar Entertainment for 10 years. As per Usama the management at Nigar Awards failed to abide by the contract arrangements and sent him a notice of termination without an explanation on the 1st of December again violating the clause which stated a minimum notice of 6 months was to be handed over in advance in case the contract needed to end. The management at Nigar has refused arbitration via the cheif arbitrator and handed over project responsibilities to a third party which is unacceptable for Lush Productions as the company has its credibility, time and all investments at stake… thus the petition.

Aslam Rashidi has affirmed end of the agreement between the two signatories expressing Lush Production’s proprietor Usama Qazi neglected to convey as guaranteed in the understanding and along these lines is impelling a purposeful publicity against the prestigious association.

As per Mr. Aslam Rashidi, arrangements for Nigar Awards are well in progress and the function will be held as pronounced on the sixteenth of March 2017. He has encouraged the gathering of people and individuals of the club to not pay notice to the allegations being made against the prestigious Nigar association.

Usama Qazi is however persistant about the way that the administration at Nigar voilated the understanding by serving a notice without going into a discretion and the results coming up short. The later is persistent about his organization’s chance, cash, goodwill and PR being voilated in the business.

The Sindh High Court has given both sides time till Friday for intervention and settling of matters requesting that both sides keep up the norm, after which things will be chosen according to the Pakistan law. It appears as though Nigar Awards are gathering a wide range of negative exposure, first in light of their designations and now in light of the request of documented in court.

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