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Naumaan Ijaz New Movie.Must Read Detail Description

Naumaan Ijaz is one performing artist who can play any character easily and keep the gathering of people locked in. His commitment and perfection towards his work make him a motivation for all in the business. While we cherish watching him in dramatizations, we know watching him on the extra large screen will be far better. Goodness and prepare to have your mind blown. We will really be seeing him in a motion picture genuine soon!

He has marked the motion picture titled “Maidaan” which is being created by on-screen character Gohar Rasheed and Waqas Rizvi under the Shuffler Films standard.

Nauman prior showed up in Mehreen Jabbar’s motion picture Ramchand Pakistani in 2008. Eager to get some answers concerning this rebound extend, we reached him to affirm the news of him marking Maidaan and here is the thing that he let us know,

‘It’s an exceptionally intriguing story as it depends on genuine occasions, yet I am as yet holding up to peruse the draft, then how about we see when the shooting for it starts”.

Maidaan depends in the city kids, who hail from destitution stricken zones of Pakistan. They met up to partake in the ‘2014 Street Child World Cup’ held in Brazil and the story rotates around genuine characters and their battle to make it to the universal stage.

Gohar Rasheed stated,

“Films like Maidaan, with blending storylines, ought to be conveyed to the silver screen as they wind up propelling the gathering of people. The stories of these kids will make individuals understand that nothing is inconceivable.”

With Naumaan Ijaz on board, we are sure he will add value to the movie and make it worth watching. Plus, let’s face it, as much as we enjoy masala movies, it is films like Maidaan which leave a positive impact on the audiences and encourages them to never give up on their dreams.

The movie is expected to release sometime this year and is scheduled to be shot in three different countries namely Pakistan, Europe, and Brazil.

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