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Now Artist’s Are uniting to fight against terrorism. Must Watch!

Ali Gul Pir and Sounds of Kolachi will be performing live at the Lal Qalandar shrine in Sehwan on 25th February.

Just when we had begun to live a normal life away from fear right there the terrorists again became active and brought the horror within all of us once again. With multiple bombings taking place across Pakistan, and recently the one place where one always assumed no one would dare attack was also not spared. Lal Shahbaz Qalandars shrine in Sehwan too came under attack a few days back killing at least 85 people and injuring over 300 others in a suicide bomb explosion.

But positive aspect of Pakistan is that its people are not that easily scared. Classical dancer and activist Sheema Kirmani responded to terrorism by performing at the Shrine of Laal Shahbaz Qalandar in a Sufi way which marked the courage of the respected personality.

Having been appreciated for her move it wasn’t long before rapper Ali Gul Pir also took to his social media pages to announce how they would not be scared by these terror attacks. He also announced that him along with the Sufi rock ensemble Sounds of Kolachi would be performing live at the shrine on 25th February.

With artists uniting to fight evil and hate, Ali Gul Pir shared with Express Tribune his thoughts on the matter,

“My village is located near Sehwan and my cousin was in the area at the time the blast occurred so he went and helped out people as well.When he returned, he told me about the catastrophe and I began thinking on the lines, as to how we artists could respond to this incident.”

Since music is a universal language and the best way to spread the message of love and peace, Ali Gul Pir also invited Sounds of Kolachi to join him as well since Sufi music is not his forte. In an hour long jam at Sehwan other artists have also been invited including Abdul Aziz Kazi of the Coke Studio Fame.

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As citizens of the country it is our moral obligation to stand up against what is not right instead of living in fear. We must go out and prove that we are not a weak nation and will not be silenced. We need artists like Ali Gul Pir and Sheema Kirmani as well as Sounds of Kolachi who are unafraid to raise their voice.

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