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‘Dushman’ is to improve the relationship between India-Pakistan . Must watch!

This movie is our attempt to improve sentiments between the two countries,

Relations between the two neighbouring countries have been strained for quite some time now and with Bollywood’s ban on Pakistani actors, and its reluctance to lift it off… improvements are nowhere in sight.

Veteran filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt, who has always sought to defy odds and rebel with the kind of movies he produces, has now taken upon his shoulders a very serious responsibility. Mahesh Bhatt recently unveiled the first look of his latest Punjabi movie Dushman which he claims is a serious attempt at improving ties between the two neighbouring countries, India and Pakistan.

The film is written by Shagufta Rafique, who is also making her directorial debut with the movie and stars actors Jashan Singh, Kartar Cheema and also Sakshi Gulati in lead roles.

Dushman will be a volatile movie, with high voltage action and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, claimed Mahesh Bhatt, who often refers to himself as the facilitator of cultural dialogue between the two countries.

The wound the partition inflicted in 1947 still bleeds fresh… there hasn’t been a salve that can soothe it as yet. And Dushman attempts to do just that, even if it would be just a fraction of efforts needed to mend the ties. Dushman will be a movie governing love, hate and brotherhood. With two heroes depicting two countries and a storyline revolving around Indo-Pak, Dushman will be an attempt at bridging the gaps the divide has created between India and Pakistan.

With Pakistani cinemas having lifted the ban on Indian movies and veterans like Mahesh Bhatt making serious efforts at improving ties between the two countries, things might take a positive turn. However, how Hindustan and Hindu activists react at Mahesh Bhatt’s attempt to improve relations between the two countries, is yet to be seen.

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