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Watch Video: Aamir Liaquat Exposes Reality About Om Puri’s Death

Watch Video: Aamir Liaquat Exposes Reality About Om Puri’s Death

The legendary Bollywood actor, Om Puri died on Friday morning, leaving his fans in a shock. Earlier, the Mumbai Police listed it as a natural death, but a previous report of the late actor Om Puri reveals that it was not a natural death at all. Top 9 Memorable TVCs of Junaid Jamshed

According to the most recent reports, Om Puri had allegedly sustained an acute head injury after falling due to being under the influence of alcohol. The police are still waiting for the final postmortem report. Nevertheless, popular talk-show host, Aamir Liaquat Hussain took to BOL TV with some shocking disclosures on Om Puri’s death case!

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Giving a brief report, he revealed that the Bollywood actor was murdered in his home! According to his report, Om Puri was found severe naked in his kitchen and was beaten. What is more, he had a substantial wound on his head

Watch Video: Aamir Liaquat Exposes Reality About Om Puri’s Death


While Mumbai police have announced that Puri endured a head injury, they have counted out the idea of any brutality included!

“We suspect that Puri died of heart-attack, however, it will be confirmed after viscera report. After suffering the cardiac arrest, he might have fallen causing the injury on his forehead. He was alone at home, and there was no sign of forced entry. At this stage, we have ruled out the possibility of any foul play,” said a senior officer of Mumbai Police.

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In other news, it is stated that Om Puri was longing to meet his son Ishaan, just hours before his death!

“He poured a drink in his glass and waited for almost 45 minutes at Nandita’s flat. But when they did not turn up, he took the glass and liquor bottle and started drinking in the car. After finishing the drink, we left,” confessed producer Khalid Kidwai to Mumbai Mirror

Kidwai added, “I have given them a detailed account of whatever happened on Thursday. I have also told police that he desperately wanted to meet his son, Ishan, but unfortunately, it did not occur.”

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It seems like Om Puri’s sudden death has built a significant dispute in Bollywood! Let’s see what is more to come out of the story.

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