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Bollywood Actress Sara Khan’s In Pakistani Drama ‘Bay Khudi’

Bollywood Actress Sara Khan’s In Pakistani Drama ‘Bay Khudi’

Bollywood Actress Sara Khan’s In Pakistani Drama ‘Bay Khudi’ with Noor Hassan on ARY Digital.

We’ve seen many Pakistani actors in India to work on the silver screen that is why it is more inspirational to hear of a drama that stars the Bollywood actress and Indian model, Sara Khan.

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She will be working with the Mann Mayal’s producer Sana Shahnawaz for her debut drama in Pakistan, ‘Bay Khudi with Noor Hassan.


“I’m starting shooting for a serial called Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai this August. It’s being produced by Sana Shahnwaz and will air on ARY Digital. It stars Noor Hasan and Indian actress Sara Khan in lead roles. Our actors are perhaps better than India’s, but we got Sara on board because her availability met with ours. We will be able to wind up the whole shoot within one stretch. Apart from that, Sara is a popular face. She is professional, a great actress and completely fits the bill.” said Aabis Raza, the director of the show.

He said that it is based on very serious issue of sexual abuse.

“Most of my serials deal with human nature, and Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai revolves around something similar to it as well. It centres around a guy (Noor Hasan) who has sexually abused a woman (Sara Khan), and while he regrets his decision and tends to forget all about it, the consequence is not what he had thought of. So it’s about how nothing is ignored and everybody gets a taste of their own medicine ultimately.”

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