Get Q Mobiles at Discounted Price on Black Friday
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Get Q Mobiles at Discounted Price on Black Friday

Currently Black Friday sales everywhere in the world, QMobile also brings greatest sale on QMobile is a famous brand that always provides its customers the best of quality phones with affordable price. This time on Black Friday company brings QMobile at a discounted price. Now customers can take advantage on this discounted price.

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ProductActual Price Discounted Price
Noir J5 – Gold13990 pkr/-10330 pkr/-
Noir S4 – Gold11700 pkr/-8799 pkr/-
i5.5 – Golden9500 pkr/-7160 pkr/-
Noir LT 750 White & Gold16000 pkr/-10880 pkr/-
Noir i6i- White7859 pkr/-5920 pkr/-
LT 700 PRO – Gold15500 pkr/-11192 pkr/-
Noir A6 – Gold16500 pkr/-10560 pkr/-
i6 Metal One – Grey7850 pkr/-5560 pkr/-
Noir A3 – 5” – Gold14500 pkr/-9280 pkr/-
LT 650 – Black11500 pkr/-7832 pkr/-
Noir A3 – Grey14500 pkr/-9280 pkr/-
V1 Tab – 7” – White4999 pkr/-3839 pkr/-
Noir S6s – Gold11650 pkr/-8650 pkr/-
X700 Pro – Dual Sim- Gold9400 pkr/-6872 pkr/-
Noir S6 – Gold12750 pkr/-9400 pkr/-
Noir X32 – 4” – Black5500 pkr/-4136 pkr/-
Noir Z14 – 5.5” – Gold25500 pkr/-18800 pkr/-
Noir S1 Lite – Gold8500 pkr/-6392 pkr/-
Noir S2 Pro – Gold10999 pkr/-8479 pkr/-
Noir S2 Pro- 5”- Grey10999 pkr/-8479 pkr/-
V11 Tab – 10” – Black8200 pkr/-5760 pkr/-
S6 Plus- Gold12999 pkr/-9599 pkr/-
i6 Metal One – Gold – 8GB7850 pkr/-5560 pkr/-
Noir i6i – Black7850 pkr/-5920 pkr/-
Z12 Pro – Coffee20999 pkr/-15360 pkr/-
LT 680 – Black12999 pkr/-9760 pkr/-
M350 – Gold9999 pkr/-7999 pkr/-
Noir Z10 – Black16500 pkr/-12280 pkr/-
QTab – V100 – Black9900 pkr/-8999 pkr/-
i2 – 4.5” – Black Grey6990 pkr/-6550 pkr/-
i2 – 4.5”-White Champagne6990 pkr/-6550 pkr/-

QMobile is the Pakistan’s No. 1 Selling Smartphone that offers its customers mobiles at affordable price. In really short period, QMobile has got excellent fame in Pakistan.

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