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Most Demanding Smart Phones of 2016

Most Demanding Smart Phones of 2016

In present days many Smart phones are fighting for customer’s attention and win this race. Many Smartphone and mobiles are kept in huge demand of customers just because of its functions and different applications. But when it comes to buying we need to purchase the best phone ever and search for many phone brands on the internet. There are many trustworthy Smartphone brands from across the globe which can be useful and really sophisticated for customers. In every year many sophisticated and Smart phones have launched but some of these are admirable and remain preferable for customers.

So we just categorized these best and most demanding Smartphone and mobiles of 2016 which are perfect and have important functions.

  • Google Nexus 6P:

The stylish and speedy phone has many aptitudes in it. The 5.7 display give you clear and colorful videos, pictures and games which have a Gorilla glass layer. The impressive and long time battery and comes at a reasonable price. It is sufficient to say that this is a superb and best Smartphone of 2016.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

This is another most demanding Smartphone and mobiles of 2016 which also proved itself with highly amazing functions. The stand out camera gives you excellent photo results. It is too costly than other Samsung phones and comes with its common collection of additional software. It has great design and water resistance that make it valuable more.

  • IPhone 7 Plus:

Despite lot of controversies, IPhone begins its way with the novelty and new portrait mode. It is simply the big version that has 5.5 inches screen and has the most notably and latest dual-lens camera. It is expensive but admired battery than iPhone 7.

  • Moto G4:

Moto G4 is not too expensive but has many qualities which can be useful for anyone. The 5.5 inches screen and the best processor are worthy and but outdated design make it really priceless phone set.  The price makes it stunning value.

  • IPhone 7:

This is one of the modern and sophisticated Smartphone and mobiles of 2016 which is consider the world best cell phone. This has water resistance quality and as 4.7 inches screen that also has 12MP camera. Battery timing is not so good and works for just 4 hours.

  • Google Pixel phone:

The best camera Smartphone has the unlimited photo storage place and has the long time battery make it smart as well. This is also run under the Google’s clean version of Android which gives us the best experience of the software.

  • HTC 10:

This Smartphone has a sleek metal design with a perfect working version of Android that has also awesome audio system. The 5MP front and 12 MP rear-facing camera makes it more worthy.

  • OnePlus 3:

This is also one of the best Smartphone and mobiles of 2016 that don’t need of a lot of budgets and has 16MP camera function. In 5.5 inches screen, you will see everything easily and it comes with latest version and applications. It has most excellent quality and elegant design comes with useful features like fast charging and NFC. But has no long time battery which is the big disadvantage of it.

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