How To Buy The Best Laptop

How To Buy The Best Laptop

What makes the best laptop is not entirely based on the applied specifications. It also depends that what suits your needs. You may want one with a very long battery life, or one that has the screen brighter sharper. Want to watch movies on it? Or just need a laptop workstation? There are hundreds of companies who are making Laptops in Pakistan.

With laptops and their specifications price so much change, this guide will help you find the one that suits your personal needs and budget. Read on to find out where you buy a new laptop computer, what to consider.

Buying the best laptop for you

To help you begin your journey to gather the ideal equipment, our dedicated interactive tool walks you through the key features and purchasing decisions to take into account – as well as the operating system should go.

Almost all laptops can be classified into one of four types: cheap, family, desktop replacement, and Ultrabook. Find the characteristics of each, then and whether or not it is right for you.

Cheap laptops

It is perfectly possible to get a decent laptop for less than £ 500 if you choose carefully. There is no point in paying an expensive top of the range model especially if you are planning to use it for word processing or surfing the internet.

Family laptops

Many families need a good laptop SUV. Family laptops have enough power to handle everyday tasks, enough storage space to suit a number of different users and are portable enough to be used in different rooms for different family members.

Desktop replacement laptops

Want a main computer at home, but do not want to sacrifice an entire room to it. This is where a laptop desktop replacement proves a perfect solution. Although they are not likely to move from one room to another too often, it can still be fixed in a drawer if necessary. Largest display size of any laptop currently on test is 17.3-inches.


While you may have heard often historical “super pole”, the word is already out of date. The lightest laptop we tested weighs less than 1 kg, and even packages of processing power These laptops are some of the best of the best, slim and attractive complexion, features super-powerful, brilliant and a considerable price too high. Think something along the lines of the 2015 Apple MacBook the Dell XPS 13

Laptop storage space

The storage capacity measured in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB equals 1,000 GB) determines how many things can keep your PC. Such as Documents, photos, music, movies, programs – all of which take up space. Bigger is usually better, although solid state drives (SSD) are generally more expensive considerably less space – this is due to the fact that load much faster and are completely silent.

Laptop processors

The processor is the brains of the laptop, which is really ramp up the price of a laptop part. In general, gigahertz (GHz) laptop is the fastest. But it came as a double, four, six or eight-core – your core processors when running multiple programs at the same time better.

Variability of the different Laptops in Pakistan available, that’s why it is difficult to undo accurately if a laptop is faster than the other. It is a dual-core 2.5GHz processor better or worse than a quad-core 2GHz? In our tests we use recognized industry benchmarking to tell which laptops are the fastest and managing just steps glaciers.

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