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Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move

Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move

Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move And Here Is The Proof.

Google is tracking where on earth your smartphone goes and putting a red dot on a map to mark the time. You can even track yourself. Just login with the same account you use on your Smartphone. You will be able to see your movements of everywhere you have been from day one of that month.


Just click here to watch your movements.

It is a matter of fact that what privacy settings you may try to apply, your information is still being collected and stored somewhere by the authorized persons. You cannot do anything, but somehow you can minimize your tracking by the following steps given below.

How To Stop Tracking & Remove Your Past History?

First of all check whether location history is enabled on your account. Next go to the Google Maps Location history page and click the button to access History settings. Here you can disable or enable the service. But It’ll not remove your past history.


If you want to remove the locations Google Maps has stored, go back to the Location history page. Default time period shows location history for the current day, so you may not see any plots on the map. Now use the drop-down button below the calendar on the left to show your history, up to 30 days. Under the calendar, you will see options to delete your history from the time period you have selected or to delete all history.

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