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Jazz Officially Announced The Collaboration With Warid

Jazz Officially Announced The Collaboration With Warid

Now jazz and warid are working under one umbrella that is also officially announced by both entrepreneurs. After the regulatory approval jazz announced that now these two names work together as one body because warid now merged in jazz.  Any merger agreement has badly impacted on industry and can be surprising news for competitors or customers. This step will bring revolution in the telecom industry of Pakistan as now the customers of both networks can use packages and services. Now Warid customers can easily use LTE service of warid and 3G services of jazz that can be lucrative for jazz.

Under one management jazz become stronger and now it comes with 50 million consumers around the Pakistan. This dynamic deal will be a competitive agreement for Pakistan’s telecom market. And the 3G and 4G services in Pakistan give the modest revenue growth to the country and provide the much-needed profit to the telecom market of the country. And now customers can expect higher value plans connected with 3G/LTE that are the main argument over the last year.

This merger agreement creates important progress in the telecom market and strengthens country’s position in the market. Now Mobilink go-ahead from other networking authorities like Telenor & Zong and has been looking for the innovative new services and products for Pakistani customers. Now Mobilink has focused on to give determined digital revolution in technology core and product portfolio to their customers.

Now the CEO of Mobilink Jeffery Hedberg is also the CEO of combined business and it will give 1.4 billion dollars revenue to the country while transaction.  The Mobilink firstly get 100% shares of world and Dhabi group get 15% shares of Mobilink. Warid telecom also gives the big revenue to Pakistan but after merging these two networks it will become a huge profitable collaboration.

Approximately 45 million customers get the high speed mobile network in Pakistan and it’s a huge milestone for both networks. The political scam and rumors may spoil the collaboration but the steady and innovative plans make it possible with perfect deals.

The telecom market not just gets boosting revenue from this collaboration but also bring different services and packages in it. And now Mobilink is looking forward to rural investments that are reliable and profitable. The low-interest rates make it more renowned globally and most reliable network for Pakistani users.

The both network work collaboratively with excellence and quality. The six boards of directors directly announce the merger agreement and after the completion of agreement now it’s come with new ambition and best IT infrastructures in the telecom industry.  The new digital system will allow quicker squash of new products and services.

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) approved the merger of these two networks that is another milestone of telecom success. But the common conditions are necessary to regulate the both networks. This collaboration will definitely give benefit to customers with the best class and high-speed network that generally contribute to the progress of the telecommunications sector in Pakistan. This is an integral part of an economy and brings innovation in technology for everyone.

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