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Uber launches rickshaw service in Lahore

Uber launches rickshaw service in Lahore

Uber launches rickshaw service in Lahore. After attaining successful car taxi service, Uber Pakistan has launched rickshaw service in Lahore.

Punjab IT Board Chairman Dr Umar Saif launched Uber Rickshaw by taking the first ride at the Arfa Software Technology Park. In addition, Uber Auto would launch in Lahore with a free week.


Dr Saif said: “Initiatives like uberAuto are a reflection of the way in which Lahore embraces technology within its transport industry. Such solutions will make travelling in the city safer as well as more affordable and convenient for the citizens of Lahore.”

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“The newly launched service is priced at Rs45 base fare, Rs 4/km plus Rs 1/minute,” statement from Uber Pakistan.

This service was launched in Karachi on 25th August but is currently facing tough competition from Careem.

Uber is based in more than sixty countries and 250 cities around the world. If you want to use Uber Auto, you will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app. Uber launched a similar service in India last year but it was ended after eight months

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