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Pakistani designers are extremely talented

Pakistani designers are extremely talented

Every Pakistani is attracted with the West. Food or the culture, we try our best to copy trends of West. This also expanded to fashion. People in Pakistan see the latest designs by some French designer with a long and complicated name and go crazy over it.


I don’t understand why people would do that when we have such talented artists. Our designs are so original and so unique that one can’t help but wonder what goes on inside the mind of such an individual.

Here are some examples of Pakistani fashion and how it leaves its western foil in the dust.


This is the stunning Pakistani model, Sadaf Kanwal, wearing a dress by Shamael Ansari. You can tell at first look that everything falls into place.


She is famous Nadia Hussain, showing off a weird design that was created by famous artist, Nilofer Shahid.


That wasn’t the only design by Nilofer Shahid. The above dress was also designed by her, displaying the pure amount of creativity in her mind.




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