12 Harry Potter facts that will shock you

12 Harry Potter facts that will shock you

Harry potter has become everyone’s favorite book. The book also has some interesting facts which you will love to know.

1.    Dumbledore is a very special and famous fictional character in the harry potter. You will be surprised to know that it is an old English word for bumblebee.


  2.    Another fact which will blow your find is that the two tricksters Sirius Black and Fred Weasley who have worked in harry potter movie, died laughing.


3.    The major star cast of the movie Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe were seriously in love with the famous female actress Emma Watson.


4.    The book got too much popularity in the world that it was translated into more than 70 languages so that those people who can’t understand English can read it.


5.    JK Rowling became a billionaire after harry potter but she is now no more billionaire because she donated all her money to a charitable organization.


6.    Daniel Radcliffe got injured and became paralyzed while doing a stunt in his 7th movie.


7.    The famous singer, Michael Jackson wanted to compose the music for harry potter but the director of the movie JK Rowling refused his offer.


8.    Professor Umbridge from the harry potter series has been given the title of ‘’greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lectar’’. This title has been given by famous Novelist Stephen King.


9.    When Steven Spielberg was offered to direct the movie he declined because he did not find this movie to be challenging. According to him, directing this movie is like withdrawing billions of dollars from it and putting them in your bank account.


10.    The actress who played the role of Moaning Myrtle is the oldest actress of Hollywood who acted as Hogwarts student. She is 37 years old.


11.    The dementors struggle with depression which is based on JK Rowling.


12.    The children cast of harry potter had to face a big outbreak of lice during the filming.


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