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10 signs that prove that you are a true friend

10 signs that prove that you are a true friend

These days, every one of us seems to crave for a true friend. We actually don’t know who our true friend is. Usually, it is said that true friends are like one soul in two bodies. There are signs, by which you can know whether you are a true friend or not.

1: You don’t backbite in the absence of your friend:


A true friend is one who says everything to his/her friend straightforwardly. He never goes at the back of his friend. A true friend point outs the mistake of his friend and tell him instead of backbiting.

2: You don’t expect anything in return:


You are considered a true friend when you are sincere with your friend and whatever you do for your friend is just because of your love for your friend and you don’t expect anything in return. In other words, one can say that you help your friend selflessly.

3: You don’t attack personal life of your friend in anger:


Of course, when you are a true friend, you know everything about your friend including all shortcomings. You never attack the personal life of your friend or you never tell your friend about his/her drawbacks in the personality.

4: You make time for your friend:


No matter how busy you are, you are always trying to make yourself available for your friend. The tough routine and problems of life never keep to friends far from each other.

5: You a good listener:


Everyone has problems in his life which they want to share with someone in their life. You are a true friend if you listen to your friend when he is sharing his problems with you instead of thinking what you should say back to him in reply.

6: You encourage your friends:


A true friend is one who is always there to motivate his friends. You are always a step ahead in encouraging your friend for whatever they do no matter how impossible it is. Encouragement does not mean you encourage them in doing wrong things as well. As a true friend, you are the one who has to stop him from doing anything destructive.

7: You never judge your friend:


A true friend never judges his friend. Judging others on the basis of their past is altogether wrong. The Past is past, nobody lives there. You should believe in it.

8: You accept your friends for what they are:


As a true friend, you never dislike anything about your friend and you never try to change it. You are the one, who accepts your friend wholeheartedly with whoever he is.

9: You celebrate a good time:


When there comes the time to celebrate anything in your friend’s life, you are always the first one who gets into the celebration. The good times, which are celebrated together becomes memorable.

10: You value your friendship:


You know that you are fortunate to have a friend like him. You never take friendship for granted.

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