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Best Adventures Places in Pakistan 

Pakistan is a heaven for fun seekers. You can have fun by taking part in different thrilling activities, all for different seasons and in different areas of Pakistan.


So you want to have a bird-eye view of beautiful northern areas of Pakistan? Let us rent a helicopter. Just wait! Helicopter is not necessary. You can glide over beautiful valleys and hills of Pakistan through paragliding. Just contact a recreational trip organizer in Pakistan to get the experience.  Enjoy this at Mang – KhanpurDam Near Islamabad


Did you ever know there is an official ski resort in Pakistan? Well, the information may seem inviting to those who want a complete skiing experience. So all you have to do is to pack your skiing kit and visit the beautiful valley of Malam Jabba in Swat. A small village in Astore district, Rattu, also presents excellent skiing resort.

Jet Skiing

Do you have a great liking for water bodies? A thrill-seeker who loves water would like jet skiing experience. Jet skiing is offered at many places in Pakistan, like Khanpur Dam, near Taxila. But, keep in mind, only book a trip for jet skiing if you are not afraid of speed.

Wasim Akram Propsing Shaniera LIVE - Dailymotion

Wasim Akram Proposing Shaniera LIVE – Dailymotion

Mathira on road to control Traffic in Karachi

Mathira on road to control Traffic in Karachi