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Here are the Best hiking places in Pakistan  

Pack your bags and let’s explore!

You must visit hiking places in Pakistan as it may give you the everlasting pleasure and healthy activity. There are many hiking tracks in Pakistan which have their beauty and natural pathways. The atmosphere is truly inspiring for an outsider who is the big lovers of hiking. These many tracks give the chance to walk through the many valleys and along the edges and have a great time with nature. These wonderful tracks are:


1: Miranjani Nathia Gali: 

It is quite a famous track among climbers that is the steep track of about 8 km from Nathia Gali. And the wonderful views at the top of the peak.

Miranjani Nathia Gali
Photo by @haider_shaheen

2: Mushkpuri: 

This track is mostly covered with mountains and forest and has two tracks at the peak of it. And on that place, you can see an amazing view of Lalazar Park.

Pic by @reallyvirtual
Photo by @imranhunzai

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