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Pakistan Muay thai team got great success without government funding

Pakistan Muay thai team got great success without government funding

Abid Khan who is the president of Pakistan Muay Thai Federation did not be given any kind of resources or funds from the provincial government to take his team to Thailand for the MAC Games World Championship 2016.  In this awful situation, he takes a chance and sells his personal gold jewelry to manage all the expenditures. This was happened as he had no option at that time to continue his team in this contest.

When a person has done some efforts with open- handedness for a better cause then God always help him and all the things go to his favor spontaneously, as a result Abid Khan’s worthwhile and struggles rewarding and the team accomplished to get two medals in the championship.

Abid khan informed that his team the Muay Thai National Team which is based on two members Tabariq Ali, 20 and Ahmed, 15 shows their best performance in the event which is organized in Bangkok in March.

According to the statement of Abid’s “Although I failed to get my right from the government, my commitment was rewarded by my team’s performance,” he said. “It is, no doubt, the pride of my country.”

Abid told that how he visited Bangkok without the support of the board and the provincial government, as both of them refused to help out him and say no to bear the outgoings of his team’s.

So, in that weird condition, he was enforced to sell his personal family jewelry.

As he proclaimed:

“How can I compromise the future of my players who prepared themselves after hectic training?” moreover Abid said, “I approached one my close friends and borrowed some money [from him] to cover the shortfall that I had despite selling my family’s jewelry.”

In this event, his talented team members Ali, 20, gained silver medal in the category of senior, even though the junior member Bilal won a bronze medal in the junior category, in the middle of players participated from 42 countries.