Army troops work out in Rajanpur to hostage Chotu gang

Army troops work out in Rajanpur to hostage Chotu gang

Over the past week many rumors and facts were publicized about the operations led by army troops against criminal group commonly knowns as Chotu Gang. With a dramatic entry of at the minimum 150 military parachutists landed in Kacha zone while another military back up unit of another 500 arrived at the concerned zones by road to contribute in operation against Chotu gang.

This was not any common operation as the forces have been advancing consistently on 18th day operation trying to overcome the gang that has lived on after seven operations in the past. It seems like nothing is stopping the terrorist involve criminals who still have 24 police employees hostage after third day has past.

Back on Tuesday it seems a few developments, later it turned out to be a handover of bodies of five cops who were martyred in an encounter. Reliable sources mentioned that seven cops were killed while 24 were taken hostage by the gang when around 150 police officers entered the premises of Kacha Jamal zone at 3am in an undercover operation earlier this week.

The martyred officers comprised a station house officer (SHO) who was leading a unit. Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif spoken in Lahore today and proclaimed Rs 5 million recompense money for each mourning family of the martyred workforces. He also declared that Rs 2.5 million or a house will be given for each family and government would accept all the expenses of the children living as well as education.

Sources told that the high command showed a fake report to CM hiding the evidences that number of policemen sent on this mission was deficient and lack of proper weapons was the major issue of this failure. In the meantime, an extra 300 Elite Force commandos have been positioned to surround Kacha Jamal One and Kacha Jamal Two and a two kilometre (km) blockade has been sealed.

Recurrent firing and fights are continuing in the concerned zone. Locals in connecting villages have vacated the area to safer places. On a bright side Law

Minister Rana Sanaullah has assured that the gang would either be captured or be killed I the next 24 hours to 48 hours.

The gang was also considered to be a part with anti-state elements including Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). The gang members told that it was not their intention to fight against Pakistan Army. Armed forces arrives the area over helicopters and land penetration. A curfew has been forced in an area of 4 kilometer. Combatants have also been supported with gun-ship helicopters.

Rangers and Pak Army initiated the operation at 1 a.m. in the morning and at the end of Thursday more than 40 gangsters were captured, other gangsters are likely to surrender before army soon. If we look at the whole incident, police have unfortunately faced massive loss and catastrophe in the operation as more than 2100 police force failed to control a group of total 100 un-trained gangsters.

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