Rangers refuse to lead in Kacha! Chaudhry Nisar meets PML-N legal adviser

Rangers refuse to lead in Kacha! Chaudhry Nisar meets PML-N legal adviser

Interior Minister “Chaudhry Nisar’ today meet the governing PML-N officials in a proposal to interrupt the civil-military standoff over the Rangers rejection to move at advancing positions during Kacha operation in Punjab.

Punjab Rangers declined to participate in an operation at frontward positions at Kacha extents of the province. After this a meeting has been called by the government officials. Presently Kacha operation is running with the joint effort of Rangers as well as the Pakistan Army but Punjab Police is advancing in the advancing positions. Rangers up till now made posts around riverine islands and surrounded Kacha parts from the Punjab side.

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According to PM’s issued statement:

“PM Nawaz believes Punjab cannot afford any military-led operation. Although the army has started an operation in the province, there is coordination between civil-military leadership and the ultimate authority lies in the hands of the Punjab government.”

Temporarily, the military has been involved with complete intelligence-based operations in the area mainly in central Punjab containing Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Kacha zones are a sequence of small islands at the joining terminal of three provinces. It is considered to be major spot for criminals, , terrorists and kidnappers.

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