Confidential report leaked! Shaharyar Khan apologizes to Waqar Younis

Shaharyar Khan apologizes to Waqar Younis

Confidential report leaked! Shaharyar Khan apologizes to Waqar Younis. A lot of disturbance has been seen over the past week on PCB. After the incident of leaked report entire PCB was caught in the media cross fire. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shaharyar Khan has apologized to ex- head coach Waqar Younis over a disclosed confidential report. Chairman in his statement said that he saw the previous coach of Pakistan Cricket team on Monday and apologized to him after a close report he had acquiesced on the national team’s unfortunate performance in the World T20 was disclosed to the media. “

PCB disbands selection committee ‘with immediate effect’ was his action. He also said that:

“I apologised to Waqar and wished him the best after he informed me that he has decided to resign as head coach. Meanwhile, the meeting was held in a good environment and I have promised him the board will hold an inquiry to find out how a confidential report was leaked,”

The contract was going to expire in May, though; a source mentioned that Waqar was informed that PCB is looking for a new coach after the Investigatory committee’s sanctions. The same source also confirms that Waqar lost a compensation sum of about Rs4.8 million due to his resignation. If the board has dismissed him, still they have to pay him the above-mentioned dues.

Waqar Younus clearly offered a big gesture:

“I have said it if they want they can also use the dues payable to me (around Rs6 million) now for improving the domestic cricket structure. At the end of the day it is all about improving things in Pakistan cricket and not about individuals,”

One thing must be admired by him as he wanted to make a point and get the board administrators to pay attention to him by leaving.