Muslim Scholars launched ‘Quran for all’ Mobile Van

Muslim Scholars launched ‘Quran for all’ Mobile Van

Muslim Scholars launched ‘Quran for all’ Mobile Van in SriNagar

In SriNagar, in order to promote the peaceful message of the Holy Quran to the  followers of the peaceful Religion ISLAM and all those who want to get blessings of the Holy Quran, a mobile van was launched by the Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, a well-known Islamic scholar and the General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

The digital version of Holy Quran was made available through this mobile van which will be moving arround different areas of SriNagar. Irrespective of the religion, these services will be accessible to all those who want to know about ISLAM and is interested in knowing about the teachings of ISLAM.

Muslim Scholars launched ‘Quran for all’ Mobile Van

If anyone among locals and tourists have any queries about the ISLAM or the QURAN then they can directly interact with the scholars  and can discuss their queries.

This Mobile Van also provides the facility of downloading Holy Quran in many different languages.

The main idea behind this Digital Quran Mobile Van is to eliminate the misconceptions related to ISLAM or QURAN with the help of Digital Media including CDs, DVDs, mobiles, pen drives and hard drives.

In a ceremony to launch the service, Sartaj Ahmad of Satya Sandesh Foundation (SSF) said

It’s the responsibility of every Muslim to spread the message of Allah to every citizen as the Holy Book was not revealed for Muslims only.