Samsung introduces new “Safety Trucks”

Samsung introduces new “Safety Trucks”,

Samsung introduces new “Safety Trucks”, that will prove a convenient thing for safely driving

For the convenience of road users, Samsung introduces a concept of “Safety trucks”  which contains a wireless camera in front of the truck and four giant screens at its back side. The purpose of this back screen is to display the front view to the driver of the vehicle behind this truck. This will help the driver of the vehicle to decide whether to overtake the truck or any vehicle is coming from the front side. It also prevents sudden brakes or crashes into animals on the road.

It seems costly for the transport companies to adopt this concept in their vehicles , the camera used in it can be cheap and simple but four displays per truck would be a major investment for companies as it wouldn’t lead to any sort of direct financial benefit for those who adopt this technology. Instead of all the implementation downsides, it’s a laudable idea by Samsung.

Samsung says it provided the display technology and partnered with a local “B2B client” for the testing. But based on what it saw in its testing phase, Samsung seems to believe this idea will take off soon.

Samsung introduces new “Safety Trucks”


Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V) communication systems are expected to launch next years in US cars which will  provide a realistic solution to improve information while driving. These systems will be based on intelligence where your car transmits info about position, speed and its direction to the nearby cars and receives the same from them. This will alert the drivers and prevent the road accidents. In that way, Vehicle-to-vehicle does even more than just give you vision the way Safety Truck would, introduces by Samsung, though making big trucks transparent is undoubtedly a much cooler application of technology. It’s a good addition in road safety equipments.


The video below should give you a better idea of its working:




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