Now your Android Phone can serve as a Keyboard on your Windows PC


 Your Android phone can serve as a keyboard for your PC’s by using Intel’s mini NUC PC or Compute Stick.

All you need will be a PC with Window 8.1, a Compute Stick and an Android smartphone. You just have to download Intel Remote Keyboard app on your smartphone or tablet. The best part is that the software brings gestures to the computing experience.

You authenticate with the system via a QR code and it should link up right away. The app gives you a full QWERTY keyboard with Windows-specific buttons, as well as a virtual trackpad. It understands single and two-finger taps as left and right clicks, and there’s a scroll bar on the right.

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For example, when in mouse mode, users can perform a left click with one finger, a right click with two fingers and a finger slide across the touchscreen to emulate a scrolling motion.

The positive aspect is that if you plug the Compute Stick into your living room TV, for example, you may not always have a keyboard and mouse or trackpad nearby when you need to do any computing tasks. The Intel Remote Keyboard  app makes it easy as most users will always have their phones nearby.

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