Tips For Hair Growth


Are you worrying about your hair loss??? Do you want long and silky hairs?? Do you want to become special for someone?? Here i am providing some hair tips by which you can improve your hair growth…

Hair Care Masks:

Hair mask plays a very important role in the improvement of your hairs you can apply home made masks by utilizing simple kitchen products.There are no side effects of these products.It improves your hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Egg Yolk and Peppermint:

Take 2 eggs, up to 5 drops peppermint oil, a small bowl and a whisk, perhaps a shower or film hood. Separate the eggs, give the egg yolk into the bowl, peppermint oil drop by drop and beat all frothy. Then the egg and peppermint mixture applied to the hair and gently massage into the scalp, because that blood circulation is stimulated and that provides together with the invigorating scent for a clear head. The egg and peppermint mixture should rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water afterwards though.Hair_masksWhen egg yolk combined with peppermint oil, the hair is wonderfully maintained at the same time gives the fresh peppermint smell a real energy kick and who comes in the morning difficult to get going, you may experience with this homemade peppermint shampoo an invigorating surprise.

Egg Yolk And Olive Oil:

Take 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons olive oil, a small bowl and a whisk and shower or film hood. Eggsseparate clean and give the yolks together with the olive oil into the bowl. Both frothy with a whisk and apply to the hair for an hour. After that wash the hairs with lukewarm water.

hair wash

Egg Yolk And Lavender Oil:

Take 2 eggs, up to 4 drops lavender oil, the eggs separate clean. Put the egg yolks in the bowl and serve together with the lavender oil frothy. Thereafter, the mixture carefully on herhair, apply, massage gently and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The egg yolk and lavender oil blend may incidentally be applied as a shampoo or as a deep conditioner. The difference is only in this case the exposure time. The care effect is optimized by sufficient heat, so during which put on a shower cap or foil.







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