Interesting google search tricks

‘Google’, a useful source of help. From its lots of people will complete their work. Here’s an overview of some Interesting google search tricks. That can provide some added convenience or entertainment.

Search your favorite site:

By using the “site:keyword” search, Google will only give results for that website. For example, simply enter the phrase “ technology” and you will get only articles on the website that are about Technology.

favorite sites


Weather forecasts

You can have instant weather forecasts on google. This feature of goofle, makes your trips easy. You can now find all the necessary forecast information in one simple step.

weather forecast


 You can convert kilometers, miles, yards, just write it on goole, and google will convert it for you. Write the numbers or data yoy want google to process on it.


Different screen

This is not practical, but interesting.  Tilt your screen by searching the word “tilt.” This is one of many fun features built by Google engineers.



Sunrise and sunset

You can check exact times for sunrise and sunset–anywhere, at any time.

sunrise and set


Tip calculator

Type tip calculator and google will calculate tip, based on, per person and bill.

tip calculator


Spy pigeon app

‘Spy pigeon’ app launched by IUB’s students

Line’s new Android app Popcorn Buzz