‘Spy pigeon’ app launched by IUB’s students

Spy pigeon app

‘Spy pigeon’ app launched by IUB’s students, Why ? a question!

‘Spy pigeon’, according too India, a pigeon came from Pakistan to India. And police arrested that pigeon. Pakistani students has cash this story.

Awareness regarding this incident follows up more fast when Twitter trending shows #PiegonVsIndia and #IfIWereAPigeon in trends. Some of the tweets are shown below regarding this trending.

IUB students developed an app, named “Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting”. On May 29,Indian claimed to have a spy pigeon, who had came from Pakistan.According to the newspaper of India, that pigeon had marks written in Urdu, and came from Pakistan to a village of India known as Pathankot (Punjab). Pigeon landed on a villagers home, and he took that pigeon to Indian police.   Police took pigeon to the veterinary hospital for x-ray, but they found nothing. In this app pigeon revolves around shooting and pigeon have to avoid being pooped on.

'Spy pigeon' app launched by IUB's students

This app has been ranked at 4.9 of 5. ‘Spy pigeon’ app launched by IUB’s students Atif Mahmood, Muzammal Hussain, Awais Amjad and Nabeel Akram.

'Spy pigeon' app launched by IUB's students

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