MIT Cheetah Robot can leap over hurdles

MIT(Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) Robotics Engineers developed a four-legged battery-powered Cheeta robot which is an astonishing addition in the world of Robotics. This Cheeta Robot is capable of running fast and after detecting the obstacles in its way, jump over them.

The robot uses a mechanism of Light Detection and a radar system known as LIDAR. This system allows the cheetah to scan the world ahead and determine the best way to clear an obstacles.


The algorithm works in three steps.

First, the robot determines an object’s size and distance using a simple formula where it “[represents] the ground as a straight line, and any obstacles as deviations from that line,” according to MIT News.

Second ,it then uses this information to figure out the best point to jump in, adjusting its speed in the process.

Finally, it determines how much force it needs to push down in order to clear the obstacle.

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