Passionate vintage car collectors in Pakistan

Elite passionate vintage car collectors in Pakistan, repairing antique cars is like travelling back in time. resident of the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan Mohsin Ikraam, says the vintage car collectors help to preserve a portion of history of the past. He says, the rich Pakistani’s desire to own classic vintage automobiles has been rising.


The club sponsors many events where owners roll out their antiques for annual car shows or take them, something that might raise eyebrows among those aware of just how volatile this country can be. To outsiders, Pakistan is  known for militant in tribal areas.

But Pakistan’s now fixing up and maintaining vintage cars, more commonly this hobby is associated with Western countries from where popular shows like “Top Gear” or “Fast N’ Loud” have reached Pakistani cable channels.


Raja Mujahid Zafar vice preseident Al-Zafar Pvt Ltd , has nearly 40 classic vintage cars and the oldest among them a 1914 Ford Model T at his palatial Islamabad home. A special section of the house and grounds is dedicated to his hobby, including a big concrete garage and two outdoor shelters.


Zafar’s  “first love” was a maroon, six-cylinder Wolseley 1936 model,  a “wreck” when he found it in 1988. It took him several years and trips abroad to hunt down parts to repair it to original condition.

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