Nuclear Test Day 28th May 1998

The day when Pakistan became nuclear power.  Seventeen years ago, that day was a landmark day in Pakistan’s history. It was a day that altered Pakistan’s perception of itself. From an underdeveloped, psychologically dependent state, it became the first Muslim state to acquire nuclear weapons capability – which it tested overtly to inform the rest of the world that it would not allow India this strategic advantage. After all, let us not forget that the only time nuclear weapons were used – by the US against an already-defeated Japan – was when the enemy did not possess them.


This acquisition was all the more precious because it came as a result of totally indigenous efforts and long hard years of pursuing this scientific goal against all odds. The Western world, especially the US, along with the Zionist entity of Israel, did all they could to derail our program– with threats but the whole and its leader was determined, and our scientists were right there proving they were as good as the best anywhere in the world.

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