Some Pioneering innovations of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei P8 !

S6 vs P8

Smartphone of this era is about everything and every aspect hence not limited to texting, calling and even socializing only but beyond this, for example in the form of keeping a check and balance on personal health indicators, doing payments with a swipe of finger and much more.

The technologically advanced world demands some newness and unusual features  to get the attention of people and completely outshine the previous devices.

Out of other famous smartphone brands, Samsung and Huawei have released one of their kind smartphones i.e. Galaxy S6 and P8 respectively, which are actually amazing as compared to their previous versions to breathe life into innovation again.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is now the benchmark for high-end smartphones running Android, but there are lots of challengers, including the new P8 from Huawei Technologies.

Both the smartphones have some features in common but still there lies differences that will likely sway you one way or the other.

Samsung Galaxy S6:

Since the launch of its first Galaxy S smartphone back in 2010, followed by successors SII, SIII, S4, S5 and now the recent S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung has definitely made several vast improvements.

  1. Fast & Wireless Charging

Galaxy S6 is pretty quick to charge as it includes fast-charging technology and in just 10 minutes, the user can add around 4 hours of life to Galaxy S6’s battery. Galaxy S6 has adopted new features like wireless charging which was absent in previous S series smartphones.

  1. Samsung Pay:

The Galaxy S6 supports Samsung Pay which will be rolling out later this year. It works similarly to the Apple Pay of the iPhone for secure payments with the help of fingerprint scanner. But the key difference between Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is actually exciting as the later one also supports ‘Magnetic Secure Transmission’ or MST in addition to NFC.




MST is the technology that makes the Galaxy S6 work similar to the magnetic stripe on the credit card so you would be able to pay with the help of your smartphone with the swipe of a finger. This feature is the new addition in the Galaxy S lineup.Not only this, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 also offers a PayPal-certified fingerprint sensor as well.

  1. Quick Fingerprint Scanner:

The previous flagship of Samsung Galaxy S5 got the fingerprint scanner for the first time which is one of the best features to ensure security theoretically but in practice, that scanner was so unreliable and slow that it wasn’t worth using according to the users.

Then in Galaxy S6,Samsung has upgraded fingerprint scanner and now instead of swiping the finger slowly over the home button, the user can now simply tap it, with more consistent results than before.

  1. Security and Smart Lock

The Galaxy S6 supports Android Smart Lock feature that keeps the device unlocked (whether in hand or pocket) when it’s in range of a trusted Bluetooth device, NFC tag or in range of a trusted location, such as home or office of user.

But as soon as the user moves away from the trusted location, Galaxy S6 gets locked automatically. That’s a big plus for anyone who wanta to ensure the security of their device.

  1. Tracking auto-focus:

Samsung’s few features are of particular interest. One of which is tracking auto-focus through which you can simply tap on an object and S6’s camera will constantly adjust focus as it moves, or as you move.

This feature works for still photos or recording videos. Another one is that if you double-tap the device’s home button even while the phone is asleep, the camera will open and be ready to capture a photo in a lightning-fast 0.7 seconds.


Huawei P8:

Huawei P8

Huawei’s premium flagship P8 has been released recently and thus slowly the company has built its P-line of flagship handsets as a direct alternative to the more established smartphone brands. But within the same P-series, there have been observed some dramatic innovations which were absent in the previous versions including P6 and P7, let’s have a look at them:


  1. Knuckle Sensor:

One of the unique features found in newly released P8 is the Knuckle sense. This technology is able to distinguish knuckle taps from finger controls and allows the user to capture the screenshot with a mere tap of knuckle. More interestingly, the P8 users can also draw using the knuckle to crop out screenshots.

  1. Advanced Call quality:

Huawei has made improvements in call quality via wind-noise reduction, automatic microphone sensitivity  and earpiece volume control. Thus, whether it be indoors or outdoors, the quality of calls has been increased.

  1. Smart Camera:

Huawei made a big deal about the camera as P8 possesses OIS (optical image stabilization) and the world’s first four color RGBW imaging sensor which improves brightness in high contrast conditions, reduces noises and produces vivid pictures with more natural colors.

There is also a DSLR quality ISP (image signal processor) inside the Huawei P8 and additionally, the phone is capable of photo effects including light paintings and long low-light exposures.

  1. Voice Wake Up:

P8 allows the user to wake up the phone with a customizable key phrase to help you find out where it is. This is also a pretty much new feature. For example, say a pre-determined phrase like “Hello Dave” will wake the phone up and following that with “where are you” trigger the ringtone “I’m here” voice. That’s fantastic ! Isn’t it??

  1. Amazing film-making capabilities:

The Huawei P8 holds another unique feature which allows users to combine live video from different Android smartphones using the director mode app. This Director Mode instantly streams up to three different video sources to the Huawei P8 handset, allowing the director to create professional quality movies that can be edited in real-time.

With the help of this, the need for the post editing process expels, with a high-quality video ready to be shared instantly with friends and family.

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