Interesting Facts About Lemon Water

  • Blood Pressure Control 

Potassium in the lemon control blood pressure, especially for those who have high blood pressure, with regular drinking lemon water will help make normal blood pressure also gives the effect of relaxation of mind and reduces mental stress and depression.

  • Good For Digestion

Lemon water is one of the safest ways to get rid of toxins. Once your body is detoxified, your digestive tract will start  in much better way. People whose digestive tract is not good and often suffer from bloating and heartburn. Lemon water solves the problem. Warm lemon water with honey can be consumed by those who are trying to lose weight.

  • Dental Care

Lemon juice can also stop bleeding gums. This method also prevents bad smell and other problems related to gums. It also help in getting rid of the pain.

  • Get Rid Of The Acne 

It contains citric acid which is effective in treating acne. Vitamin C in lemons makes skin glow. In addition to drinking lemon juice in the morning, do facials by applying lemon water on the acne with a clean finger or a cotton ball, leave overnight. Wash your face with water the next morning. At first, there may be a slight burning sensation and discomfort on the skin, but it will soon disappear.

  • Provides Additional Energy

Lemons provide your organism with all you need to stay alert and energetic throughout the day. Always have a bottle of lemon water on your desk or in your bag. This lemon water will reduce stress, anxiety and improve your emotional state due to the fact that lemons are one of those fruits that are charged with negative ions.

  • Beat Your Habit Of Coffee

If you feel like getting rid of your dependency on caffeine, try to drink lemon water instead of caffeinated beverages. Once you break the habit you will feel and look much better. Surprisingly enough, those who stop drinking coffee claim that the level of energy only increases. Kicking bad habits is never easy. However, it’s quite possible if you have a bottle of lemon water at hand. 

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