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    7 Things to Keep away from microwave

    Microwaves are the important part of modern kitchen now a days. If we want to cooking purposes. Brownies, Cakes and many more foods have been cooked using oven. But some people use microwave carelessly. if you are one of them who use microwaves then there are seven things you should never put in microwave oven. […]

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    Boxer Amir Khan Told Why He Cut of ties From his Own Family

    We all know very much about how Amir Khan lost his match from Saul ‘Canezo’ alvarez, Canezo beat him down ruthlessly that we can not forget those moments. But despite of all his fame and achievements it is shocking to think about Amir having issues in his own family. His uncle Taz and his father […]

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    ‘Go Nawaz Go’ Sign popped Up in WWE Raw

    Pakistanis protest against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has became so trending that it seems like Pakistanis do not let him go. After Imran Khan’s protest against Nawaz Sharif government the slogan ‘Go Nawaz Go’ became famous everywhere. these lines are so common in Pakistan now a days, that it almost pops up everywhere. We almost […]

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    Hania Amir’s Cute Dancing Video Leaked

    Hania Amir is wel known for her acting in ‘Janaan’. She is a very cute actress of Pakistan. She has won the hearts and bacame famous at a very young age. the point is to be noted that she is so related to the youth. I can say that she is so cute that she […]

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    Ronaldinho wishes to Meet Kids of Lyari

    We are familiar with the news about Ronaldinho coming in Pakistan, now the latest news is that Ronaldinho has shared a video on twitter and he expressed his wish to meet Lyari kids. Wow, this seems an exciting news which gets us goosebumps. The World Football Legend ever famous for his records and hard work […]

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    Mahira Khan is Caught with Ranbir Kapoor on Camera

    It is surprising to see Mahira Khan crossing paths with Ranbir Kapoo rin Dubai. When both were attending the Global Teacher Prize, where the best teachers are awarded every year, their meeting stole the limelight as they both posed for the camera, which is now the trending news. The dream came true who ever wanted […]

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    Armina Rana Khan getting Real About Pakistan Film Industry

    The journey from Ho Man Jahaan to Janaan and Chooriyan to Bol lollywood’s start from classic Golden era to recent blockbusters. Now a days, Pakistani cinema has been in making of several movies, being directed and signed every month. Some movies are just considered as failed and some are as hits. We are on the […]

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    Hadika kiani’s New upcoming Album

    Hadika kiani is about to release her new album titled as ‘WAJD’ Volume 1. The compilation of the album is still being mastered, mixed , produced and recorded by music producer and hadika’s ¬†brother Irfan kiani and collaborator. More about, WAJD – volume 1 willl include 8 tracks, which will be recorded as in ure […]

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    Na Maloom Afraad 2 shooting begins

    Shooting of Na Maloom Afraad 2 has begun, this is a good news for the fans of Fahad Mustafa. Its shooting has started in Karachi. First ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ was successful and now fans are very excited to see how ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2’ will be? In the movie Urwa was leading actress. Director Nabeel […]

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    LUX Style Awards Nominations are out

    Lux Style Awards are the biggest Award show of Pakistan, The news just broke out that Lux Style awards have released its nominations for its 16th edition and the competition, which is going to be very tough. All the actors and actresses have been passionate to their work. So, the latest news is that according […]

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    Hamza Ali Abbasi Shoocking Photo in Gym

    Hamza Ali Abbasi the man who is always passionate abut his work. He has been in people’s mind since he did his best drama Pyare Afzal. He has been on TV and social media in the form of Pyare Afzal or debating in Bol news show. He has grabbed the attention of the nation. He […]