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    Inzamam Ul Haq Signs Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif

    Pakistani Former Caption and Batsman Inzamam Ul Haq has signed Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif just like Mohammad Amir has been Selected again back in Cricket. Inzamam Urget to treat every Spot-fixer under prescribed laws, becasue they have served their their Punishment and now they are free to Play Cricket again. Inzamam ul haq was talking […]

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    Salman Butt Wishes to Achieve something great

    Salman Butt said that he is wants to achieve something that he deserves. He wants to achieve something great. After a long time of being away from cricket he waited for a long time and now he is back so now he wants to tell the world that he deserves better. He said that wearing […]

  • ad34q

    ‘Go Nawaz Go’ Sign popped Up in WWE Raw

    Pakistanis protest against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has became so trending that it seems like Pakistanis do not let him go. After Imran Khan’s protest against Nawaz Sharif government the slogan ‘Go Nawaz Go’ became famous everywhere. these lines are so common in Pakistan now a days, that it almost pops up everywhere. We almost […]

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    Pakistani Hockey Team Victory In Series against New Zealand

    Pakistan Hockey team lost its first match against New Zealand, but the second match was ended in a draw, after the second match Pakistani team got energy and succeeded in wining. The final match between Pakistan and new Zealand also ended in a draw scoring 1-1 each in the 5th match. In the third quarter […]

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    Restriction on Salman Butt ends, salman Butt back to Cricket again

    Salman Butt is the left-hand opening batsman of Pakistan cricket team who was jailed in British for being involved in spot-fixing and was banned to play cricket. He has played many matches. on 29 August 2010, he was accused for his involvement in spot-fixing. After that he was banned to play cricket for 10 years. […]

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    Ronaldinho wishes to Meet Kids of Lyari

    We are familiar with the news about Ronaldinho coming in Pakistan, now the latest news is that Ronaldinho has shared a video on twitter and he expressed his wish to meet Lyari kids. Wow, this seems an exciting news which gets us goosebumps. The World Football Legend ever famous for his records and hard work […]

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    Pakistani Hockey Team Won Third match By 4-2, series leveled

    Pakistani hockey seemed to be in the dark age for a long period of time. But now a days, Pakistani hockey team is playing against the Kiwis (New Zealand). Pakistan lost his first match, Pakistani hockey team was seemed very low energetic but in last two matches we saw much better, the second match was […]

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    Pakistani Hockey Team levels the Second Match against New Zealand

    Pakistani hockey team made a comeback while against the second match the boys put a great effort in managing the match to end up on a draw. The match was played in Wellington’s National hockey Stadium in New Zealand. In five test series, Pakistan is on trail of 0-1 against the hosts while the second […]

  • asdadr

    Sarfraz Ahmad Wants Seniors and New talent to Play in West Indies

    Sarfraz Ahmad has been declared as the new ODI caption of Pakistan Cricket Team. He agreed to the selection of new cricketers i the team and he also wants the seniors players to play a part in the team. On Friday,During his talk with the reporters he said that New talented young player were selected […]

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    Miandad Opinion For Death Penalty for Match-Fixers

    Javed Miandad is known in Pakistan for the way he talks, and his conversation. Miandad is highlighted in media so much, that he is often seen in TV shows about cricket. Now a days we are watching talk shows, and everyone talking about the match fixing. Miandad was giving his remarks on match-fixing, on saving […]

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    Shahzaib Hasan suspended For Fixing: 5th Player suspended

    Pakistan Cricket Board suspended Shahzaib hassan on Friday, He was charged a charge-sheet against opener Shahzaib Hasan and suspended him over allegations of spot-fixing during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) T20 tournament, similarly four other cricketers have been suspended till now. According to the suspension news, Shahzaib has been suspended from playing all kinds of  cricket. […]