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Dancing Fountains Starts Working in Lahore

Dancing Fountains Starts Working in Lahore

Lahore has many beautiful places like Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque and people from Lahore are aware from these places. Now Government of Punjab expand Iqbal Park (formerly called Manto Park) as well as to connect Badshahi Mosque directly to Iqbal Park.

Apart from these historical places, government of Punjab is also doing a lot of other to decor and to make the overall place eye catching. Government has installed dancing fountains like in Dubai among many other things.

The project’s cost for this fountain is estimated Rs. 200 million. Overall this project is due for completion at November 9th this year.


Constructors just complete the dancing fountains and did a test run of dancing fountains. It looks as beautiful as they not just created a magical view, but also enhanced the background of Badshahi Mosque.

Electronically controlled fountains were tested for the first time at Iqbal Park Lahore.  Here we have some pictures of dancing fountains installed at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore.

Have a look at them:






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