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Is Taher Shah really releasing a new song ‘Mermaid’?

Is Taher Shah really releasing a new song ‘Mermaid’?

Now when India Pakistan’s relations are on the edge, Twitter is blown up with news that Taher Shah, is coming out with a new song titled Mermaid. Shah’s popularity on both sides of the border meant that the news was greeted with any objection, with many Twitter users claiming it was Pakistan’s ‘revenge’ for the surgical strike.


The social media user also exposed that the song will be released on December 25th, this year “Christmas and Quaid e Azam’s birthday… Have a look,” he wrote.

Social networking websites have seen a huge response from Twitteratis and other social media users. There is however no mention of any such release on Taher Shah’s official Facebook and Twitter handle.

Taher Shah made headlines earlier this year in April, with his overripe hit ‘Angel’.

Is Taher Shah really releasing a new song ‘Mermaid’?


tahershah2That the news is completely fake and people react without investigating thoroughly. A fake news site shared this article months ago on Twitter.