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Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

BEST WAYS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE IN PAKISTAN 2016. It is a universal truth that making money is the desire of most people in the world no matter what area of the world he / she lives. Although there are a number of ways to make money, but among them, the fame of earning online will gradually increase every passing moment. The big virtual universe of the Internet not only provides knowledge and products around the world but also gives you the opportunity to win.

Although this concept is not new, but what concerns the country of Pakistan, people do not know the exact ways to make online even want to adopt to win. Most of the public of Pakistan do not know the legal and authentic ways of earning online due to the lack of publicity and fraud schemes. So here are some good ways to earn online in Pakistan, which can take and verify wonderful results.

6 most popular ways to earn money are:


Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

We can say to make money with blogs is top of the list of online businesses and online. This is the most effective method to make money online at home around the world for each type of people who want to do the part-time or full-time. Students, housewives, mothers, employees, and businessman can make blogs make money or passion. This is very easy and largely paid work worldwide. Everyone can start without cost the blog with and many other forms of plaque that offer cost-free sub domain name and hosting services.

Start Blogging From Today this is a long going process many of students are earning thousands by blogging latest happenings in Pakistan or on a Particular niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

Second greatest way to make money online at home is affiliate marketing. In this way, it is promoted and sale of products from another company or person on your blog or website and get commissions. Many companies are offering to promote their products and the top of the list is Amazon. I say it is the best way for Pakistani students to make money online at home. Working part time can earn $ 2 to $ 20 a day. Choose companies file uploads, offering the associate program. I suggest “’ and “”.

Now is also offering Affiliate system on which they are providing 11% of Commission on each sale you do by Affiliate marketing as is one of Top online shopping websites in Pakistan So you can easily earn a health amount by doing affiliate marketing.

Micro Jobs

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

Micro jobs are the third most important method of earning online at home in Pakistan. In this way, members do small jobs such as timeline share in the face book, comment; write a review, sign, forum posting and many other tasks. To get this job you can visit,,, and many others. Note sometime before starting work micro. Read reviews about the site, check the age of the site and that site fits are paying. After getting satisfaction begins its work and enjoy their work online is right now the best option to earn money. All you need is one skill if you are good in Graphic Designing or Content Writing or you have any skill you can simply create a gig and start selling you can withdraw your money easily with


Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

This is the largest source of income online at home. Everyone has some skills as article writing, graphic design, web design, web development and SEO expert, link building and many others. The outsourcing industry now a day many companies and employs online for experts and pay after completion. By adopting this method saves many sources, such as electricity bills, office rent, etc. and employees receive a handsome amount of their work. Many free lancing websites such as,,,, and Many jobs are available according to their skills available. If you haveany skills then try and sell their knowledge in good price sitting in your own living room.

From YouTube

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

Follow some steps

The YouTube channel is where a user will see all loads and charger recent activity. If the charger has allowed cert

You can simply make a YouTube account and upload video (any video does not violate YouTube or the terms and conditions AdSense).ain adjustments, visitors can also see the interactions Uploaded. You can make any kind of video.

If applied to AdSense through YouTube, getting approval is easy. However, this AdSense account will be “AdSense for content” hosts, which works differently than traditional ads shown on blogs.

Once you upload your video, which will be immediately available to billions of visitors from YouTube. If the video is catchy and turns out to be sensational, certainly you can catapult to fame and you earn a considerable amount of money.

Facebook Pages by Selling Traffic

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016

There is only a single way through which you can earn money by facebook. Manage a page with a good reach on a targeted traffic such as of same niche like SPORTS, MUSIC, FUNNY. If you are a blogger you can get good traffic from your own page to earn a handsome amount if not than you can sell your traffic to different local bloggers. DO YOU HAVE A PAGE WITH GOOD REACH ? ‘CONTACT US‘ if you do not want to use Mylikes or viral9 for some reasons, you can sell traffic (visitors) to your pages on Fiverr. It is a marketplace where you can sell all kinds of services from a minimum of $ 5. Like you can leave a concert (the offer) “I will share your blog link on my Facebook page with 300k tastes for $ 5”, etc.

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