Five Pakistani couples unveiled their online love story

The awkward situation to pay Salam and gaze the floor doesn’t even enter in online dating. One and only you decide your future even in the room full of people. Many people have negative views about online dating or marriage portals but there are so many couples who met online, here is the success story of 5 couples who met their partners ONLINE!!!

1. Rija and Farhan, Shaadi. Com

In 2004, when Rija was frustrated. She got engaged two times, once to someone known by college times and once to someone chosen by her Parents.

“I had gone through those options, it hadn’t worked”

Then she joined Shaadi.com as a joke as she was given dare by her friends, she was not expecting that she will find her soul mate, surprisingly not the very first guy whom she messaged her and lived in Canada. However, It was just a casual message but right off the bat, we could tell our sense of humor was the same. Even when we were chatting, we were always laughing,” Rija.

Five Pakistani couples unveiled their online love story

“He was born and nourished in Canada and I was all the way from Karachi but within the couple of months, he visited Lahore and then actually flew out to Karachi to meet me. I was still on the fence about it though. One night, after the Sind Club Ball around 2 am, I had gone to the Pearl Continental with a friend for tea and Farhan was actually staying there.

“My friend encouraged me to call him up and ask him to come down, she was like, “He won’t have time to prepare so it’ll be like what you see is what you get.” That’s how we met for the first time. He said, he knew that he wanted to marry me as soon as he laid eyes on me, like the love at first website. I told him it wasn’t quite like that for me,” she laughs.

Farhan’s dad had recently passed away and he had anxiously wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl and Rija was 27 at the time also looking to settle down.

“It was a way for him to honor his late father and it was just like a puzzle that fit; he called his mother in Canada, got her blessings, came over with a family friend met my parents. We were married within 6 months.”

Now, 12 years and a kid later, her family still knows nothing about their sudden meet up and thinks they just by chance met each other at a party. I ask Rija if she would change anything about how they met.

It didn’t surprise me when she said no.