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On September 29th, India whipped up a war hysteria on military barrack in Uri. Indian media and intelligentsia started to point fingers at Pakistan without any proof. The media there went into an overdrive, calling for waging a war against its Western neighbor.

Indian showbiz industry has united with its government and has recently took the decision to send Pakistani celebrities back home who had been working with the Indian showbiz industry. Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) passed the resolution which banned personalities like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar and Mahira Khan.

In response to this, Pakistani cinemas have also decided to ban the screening of Indian movies, with Pakistani film industry throwing its support behind cause as well.

Media War by Pakistan

To support Pakistan, the country’s cinema industry has decided to take a step and react to cross-border developments by boycotting the promotion or exhibition of Indian films in Pakistani Cinemas across the country.

The decision was confirmed by “Khorem Gultasab”, General Manager Super Cinema Pvt. Limited — One of the largest cinema operators in Pakistan.

His statement was posted on his official Facebook page:

“In Solidarity with Pakistan Army and our film actors, Super Cinemas being one of the largest Cinema operators in Pakistan hereby announce boycotting exhibition of Indian films at all our Cinemas with immediate effect for an indefinite period. We expect other cinemas to follow the suit. We urge all concerned to ban Indian content on all Pakistan TV Channels / Cable TV as well.

This step destabilize India’s revenue stream and support Pakistan’s showbiz stars and it is the right time to be united with the government and the nation. A survey done to find out the ratio of Pakistan’s movie “Actor in Law” as compared to India’s “Bar Bar Dekho” showed difference of 60% audience and this will pay more incentive to Pakistan’s film industry if they try harder to capture the Pakistani market. Stakeholders should avail this opportunity by bringing the quality of movies on higher level, with better production values, better stories and better entertainment.