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The Question Rised WHO IS QANDEEL BALOCH? WHY HER BROTHER KILLED HER? So here is the answer Qandeel Baloch was a famous model and social media celebrity. She was renowned thanks to her alluring appearance on social media. Rose to prominence from her videos discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues, Baloch received recognition from the media when in 2013, she appeared as an auditionee on Pakistan Idol, her audition went viral and she became an Internet celebrity.


Report by Police revealed that on Friday that 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch was “strangled to death” at her residence in Multan, which is a city located in Punjab province of Pakistan country, on Friday night in what is suspected to be an “honor killing.” According to police, her brother fled after killing Baloch, whose real name was Fauzia Azeem.


“Her father Azeem informed the police that his son Waseem has strangled Qandeel,” a police spokeswoman told to Reuters. “Apparently, it is honor killing but further investigations would reveal the real motives behind this murder.”
The police stated that her brother fled the crime scene and had been threatening her over her bold Facebook posts recently.
Three weeks ago, she had written to the director general of FIA asking him to provide security to her. Baloch, was worried about her safety and wanted to leave Pakistan. However, the concerned department refused to entertain the request. She had reportedly advanced with her family from Karachi to Muzaffarabad village in central Punjab province for the recent Eid holiday.
According local media reports, Baloch once worked as a bus hostess before she shot to fame in Pakistan in 2014 after a video of her pouting for the camera went viral. Baloch, who was a social media sensation and highly controversial because of her undaunted appearances, had also faced severe criticism for being flashy and reportedly misrepresenting the image of Pakistan.


CPO Statement:
Capital Police Officer, while talking to the media has said that the time and cause of death would be told with certainty once autopsy report is compiled and forensic evidence is studied. She is survived by two sisters and five brothers besides the accused named Waseem.
He restated family of the victim when he said that it could have happened for ‘honor’. Victim’s parents and the accused were apparently present in the house last night, he said adding that Multan police was not requested by anyone for provision of security.
Meanwhile, Punjab Police Inspector General, Mushtaq Sukhera has taken notice of the murder and summoned a report from officials concerned.

Bold and audacious:
Qandeel was a media sensation, unabashedly bold and was also considered highly controversial. She shot to fame in 2014 after a video of her pouting for the camera.
She became famous through her tireless self-promotion and indecent “selfies” posted on Facebook and Twitter and had amassed tens of thousands of followers.
She had expressed her desire many times to marry Oxford-learned ex-cricketer and opposition politician Imran Khan.
Honor killing:
Hundreds of women are killed in Pakistan each year for so-called honor.
In the ongoing year alone, over ten women have been killed by respective relatives including husbands, fathers and brothers in different parts of the country.
A 19-year-old girl named Maria Sadaqat was tortured then burned alive for refusing a marriage proposal in Murree while a Lahore resident roughly 16 years of age was set ablaze by her mother, brother and brother-in-law for marrying a man of her will.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif avowed to uproot the evil of honor killings after a documentary accentuating the issue won an Oscar in February, but no fresh law-making has been lodged since then.

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