ICIJ releases Latest Updates On PANAMA LEAKS

Every one of us is familiar with the concept of Panama Leaks as it shook the core of many countries. After the end of first chapter of these panama leaks, soon a new chapter is going to open revealing thousands of persons and offshore corporations that are discovered by the Panama Papers. All these proofs are going to be public through a search database.

The evidence will be released by the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)” who were gathering this information for a long time and combined these documents exposed in a 2013 ICIJ investigation started by UK locals that lead to a massive network of offshore accounts end up at big Panama Papers leak. If you remember, these papers had been originally leaked from the Panama-based law firm “Mossack Fonseca” and published in April by reporters all over the world.

Panama Papers officials clarify why they did it as Ecuador President Rafael Correa has been mentioned in Panama Papers.

Marina Walker Guevara, ICIJ’s deputy director stated into an interview:

“You’ll see companies and their official owners. This is information that’s never been available. We think that information about who owns the company should be public and transparent.”

This is considering to be just a start and much more will come. The databank, though, will not reveal the actual papers showing a person’s wealth or agreement details.

Marina Guevara also added that: “This is not disclosing private information en masse. The bulk of the documents will remain confidential for journalists to explore. We think that the leak was given to ICIJ because we can apply the rigor of journalism.”

Mossack Fonseca has declined any wrongdoing and has specified some persons mentioned in the papers to be not even their clients. We are expecting to see some new names soon in the papers!!

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