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Top 10 Pakistani celebrities on Instagram you must follow  

So here you are just watched “Ho Mann Jahaan” for fiftieth time and thinking about Mahira Khan is up to now? Let us check it out on Google, you think. And from Google you drop to FB, well I need more insight into the matter I am the biggest fan of Mahira, after all. And then you roam about and peep in Twitter, of course there are many things you would get only on twitter rather than any other social media site. What’s now? You have checked everything, yet you are thirst for more information. Why not steal a look at her on Instagram. Yes Instagram- the trendiest social website of the day.

Check some behind the scene moments of your stars. Know about their real life. Learn who is important in their lives and how your favorite celebrities’ choices match to, or don’t match to that of your. Instagram will provide you more fun than any other media. Why? Because your favorites are active on it from all over the world and Pakistan is no exception.

Pakistan is also going through a phase of Insta-addiction. This was past, when people used to wake up to tweet about their waking moment, now is the time of displaying your newly taken pic into the display place of Instagram. In this Insta-addiction, Pakistani people and stars are alike.

So now what happens is, a star captures a memorable, or just silly, moment and don’t stop before posting it on Instagram. They share their family life, selfies during work or leisure and events on Instagram to their fans. Fans can use it a celebrity news channel.

Which super star would you follow on Instagram? Well I don’t know about you, but I can give you a clue about whom Pakis are following on Instagram right now.

Atif Aslam  

He is the most followed Paki super star on Instagram with 534k followers. Using Insta-Handle, atifaslam, he uploads his wife’s photo, his performance pictures and some random photography.

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