PM’s inquiry commission! Declined by Two Retired Judges

PM’s inquiry commission! Declined by Two Retired Judges

Panama controversy has been spread all over the Pakistan but the government is still incapable of making a high-level “judicial inquiry commission”. If we remember Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced to make a commission because of the Panama Papers leaks but no one is coming forward to take the responsibility against PM. Now two former associates of the superior judiciary have declined to be a part of this commission.

Don’t forget that PM Nawaz’s two sons and a daughter were mentioned boldly in the documents leaked from the law firm “Mossack Fonseca” for keeping offshore dealings. After a big drama of rejecting any misconduct, the PM has proclaimed a legal investigation into the claims against his family.

According to a senior official in Supreme Court:

“Now the government officials are also contacting other retired judges but no one has given a positive response to take up this task till now,”

Legal authorities are certain that it will be very hard for the mandatory superior judiciary to take the government’s appeal to give a judge for searching the claim on the Panama Papers against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family. It can be clearly seen that government is not accepting a commission under a serving judge.